In the heart of Sierra de Alcaraz Segura


Where the river Mundo begins, in the Natural Park of los Calares del Mundo and la Silma.

A special place to rest in a natural and silent environment.

We are in the beautiful town of Riópar, the closest to the source of Río Mundo, popularly known as Los Chorros.

Our location at the entrance of the town, the highest area hereof, allows us to enjoy amazing views to the valley and the mountains that surround it, as well as the tranquillity, peace and calm of this beautiful corner in the heart of Sierra de Alcaraz Segura.


Riópar Viejo was a Roman settlement and subsequently became Visigoth untill the Muslim invasion.

Reconquered by Alfonso VIII in 1213, the modern history of Riópar starts from 1772, when an important industry that changed the economy of the area established. Hans Georg Graubner carried out the construction of some important brass factories, which would exploit the calamine mines, starting the new way around the new industry.

In this way, the Bronces de San Juan de Alcaráz (current Riópar) Factory was the oldest of Spain and the second oldest in Europe.


A truly paradise that will surprise you. The rivers Segura, Mundo, Tus and Taibilla form spectacular landscapes in which it is possible to carry out activities of hiking, fishing, descending rivers, canyoning, speleology, etc.

In the Parque Natural de los Calares del Río Mundo and La Sima, with an extraordinary geologic and landscape value, it highlights the source of Río Mundo, Los Chorros, as well as the gorges and plains that are forming these to make their way.

How to get there

  • If you enter coming from Siles or Elche de la Sierra, you must go through the gas station and go up to the town. At 300 meters, in your right, there is a white fountain with a large pylon and our entrance.

  • On the contrary, if you enter coming from Salobre, you should pass through the town and just at the outlet, in your left, there is the fountain and our entrance.

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